On a Lonely Island with Netflix Money

Andy Sandberg and the other two fellas in the Lonely Islands created a half hour long comedy special entitled The Lonely Island’s Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. The premise is that late eighties baseball stars and teammates Jose Conseco and Mark McGwire recorded a rap album that has only now been discovered.

The lyrics are here, and have always been, juvenile and joke-dense, so the visuals and budget afforded by a Netflix special help bring them to zany life as the songs chug along. It was by watching this comedy special that I realized the celebratory forearm smash that I do with my team mates on Monday nights (Trouble) in bowling league is in fact the bash brothers move. Lonely island are best appreciated in small doses, and having ten songs back to back highlights their similarities. 

The special is called a “visual poem,” and that aspect of the project mostly involves parodies of Terrence Malick Tree of Life-style wandering around nature and whispering cosmic questions via voiceover, with some of the self mythologizing of Beyonce’s Lemonade thrown in for good measure. Amusing at first but there’s not enough of a story to make it worth sticking around until the end.